About me

‘All the things I love are what my business is all about.’

This comes from Martha Stewart, a famous businesswoman in America, who is a former model /former stock broker /TV personality /author /editor /entrepreneur.

What appeals to me in her quote is the word ‘all’, and when we read about her it really does seem like she does not limit herself professionally in doing what she loves doing.

I recognize myself in her quote, because I feel that I have been privileged to do things professionally that I love doing. And what do we tend to do when we love something (or someone)? We want to share it with the world.

So, I proudly present to you my website about all that I love doing.

As for introducing myself, allow me to shamelessly refer to all that I love by using the slash symbols: speaker/presenter/actress/LL.M/journalist and undertaking PhD research in Gender Studies; owner of the greatest companies Dutch Einsteins/Business Lifestyle Magazine and my heart lives in two beautiful cities namely Rotterdam(NL)/London(UK).

To keep it short: I am Lexter Woodley, the Slash Lady.